Finals Follow Up

Josh Hurst, Writer/Photographer

“Staying up all night, most nights” is what Will Litton (9) said about how finals affected him.  During the time period of January 23, 24, and 25, many students of AHS had to spend countless hours studying for a test that counts for most of your grade.  

Although some students had it easy with two or three finals; others had to take upwards of six finals.  Altogether, that’s eight and a half hours of testing.

Notwithstanding the fact that finals is assumed to be difficult for most people, kids like Jesse Woody (9) thinks he did his best in “JROTC… (by) paying attention (in class)”.  

By preparing more, there is a higher chance of a better grade.  Studying in a group was a common trait that most of the students interviewed shared.  Staying up all night long might not be the best way to prepare yourself for finals, but if you have better short-term memory, it might be effective.  

Most students agreed that the finals in a language class are really hard.  Eli Weber (9) said “it’s a lot of different terms that you just have to know.”  You’re going to have to understand the language and be engaged in the class to get a good grade on the final.  

Other students agreed that their math classes are the easiest to take.  Litton said he “was most looking forward to his math final because that is the class (he’s) most confident in and (he) feel(s) like (he) did well on it.”  

Some teachers decided to go easy on their students by lowering the percentage of the tests on their grades.  This means that if a student were to get a 0% on their final, their overall grade would only drop a little bit.  

Furthermore, finals is a rough time for everyone, and there’s always room for improvement.

“I’ll try to study better this next time around” Litton said.