Tough Loss to Islanders


Shelby Hughes

Forward Jersey Heiss ('21) passes the ball up to a teammate.

Thursday the varsity girls’ soccer team played strong against the Mercer Island Islanders. Starting the first half the Eagles went strong and hard keeping the ball and plus mostly on Mercer Island’s side of the field.


A few more minutes passed and sophomore midfielder Athena Dumadag (20’) made a pass to freshman forward Jersey Heiss (21’) who took a shot on Mercer Island’s goalie, sadly it went out.


As the game continued on in the first half Mercer Island made a few shots, but missed. Heiss passed the ball up to senior mid Hailee Wrzesinski (18’) who gets tackled by Mercer Island’s defenders taking the ball back.


With 20 minutes minutes left in the first half Mercer Island makes a goal on sophomore goalie Emily Bennett (20’). The score then became 0-1, with Mercer Island in the lead.


Before the first half is over Wrzesinski got a yellow card. “I expected it because I was very frustrated with the lack of pressure we weren’t applying to the other team,” said Wrzesinski.


Senior captain Giavanna Tift (18’) said, “Mercer Island was a tough opponent because they have more returning players than us who all knew how each other worked and played out on the field. With some more practice and games, I feel that our team will soon become comfortable with each other.”


Mercer Island made another goal making the score 0-2 with Mercer Island still ahead. Sophomore forward Grace Bynum (20’) said,” I felt as though we didn’t give up and personally I went for every loose ball and had the mindset to be aggressive. It’s the sport I love to play.”


Varsity Coach Nathan Davis said, “I believe it was a tough match; it was definitely a fair game. Our team played hard against a more experienced one making this game a great non-league one.”


Shelby Hughes
Athena Dumadag (’20) passes the ball up to Arianne Blackburn (’19).