Freshman in a Majority Upperclassmen Club

Josh Hurst, Writer/Photographer

Knowledge Bowl is a trivia based club that requires each of the three teams to compete head to head to get the answer the quickest.  Mr. Mendro puts on the event every Monday after school.

Knowledge Bowl happens to be skewed to one side… by a lot.  The club is mostly seniors and juniors, whereas there are only a few freshman in the club.  This list of freshman tends to vary a little bit as people come in and out, but there are only four freshmen that seemed to have gone to most of the meetings.

This list of freshman consists of Aaron Nichols, Braden Dahlgren, Eli Weber, and Mason Shepherd.  All of these individuals bring a very specific set of skills to each of the meetings.

Although, Mason Shepherd said “the whole team is really solid in [their] math skills”,

Aaron specializes in math, Braden knows just about everything, Eli knows a lot about earth science, and Mason knows most about space science.  

This happens to play a big role in their strategy, which seems to have people know a lot about certain aspects of various areas, and then use their strengths to the groups advantage.  Clearly, this strategy has worked out well for them since they made it all the way to playoffs.

Although they are going to have to wait a little while to actually play in the playoffs, since it is on February 6, they will still have a lot of time to practice.  Aaron Nichols said “just being there makes me feel like I’m working my brain more than just school in general does”.

Alongside having the extra practice, they also get a feel for what the playoffs are going to be like.  Being in Knowledge Bowl is like taking a “test, but you never study for it, and you don’t know what its about, or what its on, or what class its for” Braden Dahlgren said.