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The student news site of Arlington High School

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February 29 in 6th period, Alex Davis (‘25) is trying to return a serve on his volleyball team in his Recreational PE class.

Voices About Co-Ed Sports

Elena Twitchell, Staff Reporter March 29, 2024

Title 9 at AHS   In 1972, lawmakers introduced the Title IX amendment. “Title IX gives women athletes the right to equal opportunity in sports in educational institutions” according to...

The Barbie Movie examined patriarchy and misogyny in a fun way. Senior Bee Jeglum dresses up as Allan on Barbie Day during Homecoming Spirit Week.

Shouldn’t We Be Past This?

Adrienne Pournadeali, Staff Reporter March 29, 2024

Though we’re now far into the twenty-first century, misogyny is still alive and well. You’d think that in today’s world, equality between the sexes wouldn’t be such a far-fetched thought, but,...

Lumen Field on Dec 15 before a Seahawks vs 49ers game.

NFL Scripted?

Dylan Durfee, Staff Reporter February 24, 2023

Is the NFL scripted? Is it fake? Do they hire fake refs? All in all, is the NFL rigged? The National Football League has been around for over 100 years, and people old and young have seemed to try and...

A picture of the updated Autism Awareness poster at AHS, following criticism of its portrayal of harmful symbols such as the puzzle piece, as well as containing misinformation.

What It’s Like to be Autistic in the Public School System

RJ Stevenson, Editorial Board May 9, 2022

Autism, for as well known as it is, is sort of an elusive subject in the minds of the general population. Not many people are educated on it, and even more are grossly misinformed. Overall, our world is...

An image facing west from the Goldendale Observatory. On the left is the old observatory. Light from the building caused the red shift in the image.

Opinion: Light Pollution should be prevented at all costs

Sera Sabol, Editorial Board May 4, 2022

For thousands of years, humanity has gazed towards the cosmos, marveling at the speckles of stars that blanket the night sky. A feeling comes upon people of complete disbelief at the unimaginable scale...

This photo is of downtown Arlington.

The Change in Spring Weather

Madison Moore, Staff Reporter April 22, 2022

Evapotranspiration: The process by which water is transferred from the land to the atmosphere by evaporation from the soil, other surfaces, and transpiration from plants. Northern Hemisphere: The Northern...

Whats Up With All These Anti-Trans Bills?

What’s Up With All These Anti-Trans Bills?

RJ Stevenson, Editorial Board March 28, 2022

Unfortunately, within the last couple of years, American legislators have created bills that would push America backwards in the general fight for human rights. As of writing, a major concern is the safety...

10 Candies to Consider for Valentines Day

10 Candies to Consider for Valentines Day

Sera Sabol, Editorial Board February 15, 2022

As Valentine's Day approaches, it is time to begin thinking of candy to get for your significant other, friends or even just as a treat for yourself. Walking into any store you will be confronted with...

Taken on 2/11/22, this photo is of the heart in the library window.

Valentine’s Day Traditions

Madison Moore, Journalist February 14, 2022

During the holidays, many people celebrate traditions with their families, friends, or someone special. These traditions can look many different ways, whether it’s a fancy dinner or a box of chocolates.    First...

students working on an art project.

The Importance of Art in School

Declan Oberg, Staff Reporter December 17, 2021

Art has a big part in how your brain develops and if school systems included more artistic activities in school, kids would have more fun and overall be better academically. Creating art of any kind is...

Pie and whipped cream or ice cream are part of the Thanksgiving menu for most.

How to Thanksgiving, Eagle Style

Jaycob Tanis, Editorial Board November 24, 2021

After asking the students and staff of Arlington High School what their top 3 Thanksgiving foods were, I got some interesting results. The top three dishes that were recorded were Turkey, Mashed Potatoes,...

New and Old Korean Dramas Review

Victoria Guzman, Staff Reporter March 2, 2021

Sometimes something new is needed after what seems like years of scrolling through Netflix to find a show to watch. Maybe some new and fresh options need to be added to the selection for the next few hours...

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