Basketball Feature – Hailey Hiatt

Teagan Sutherland, Writer

From the beginning of her basketball career, Hailey Hiatt (11) has proven time and time again her impressive athletic ability. January 7th, 2020 was no different. During a match against the Mountlake Terrace Hawks, Hailey Hiatt tied the record for the most amount of three-pointers made in a game, previously set in 2015 by Peyton Brown. The game began as usual, with the Eagles in the lead at halftime.

Hiatt said, “During the game, the goal wasn’t to set the record. But Marsh saw that I had six threes at halftime and was like, ‘She can get it.’”  So with the word from Marsh, the girls basketball team began feeding Hiatt, in an effort to help her create a new record. After a few missed shots, they went back to their normal plays, continuing to run up the score. With two minutes left in the fourth quarter, and only two three-pointers away from the record, the team decided to give it another shot. Amazingly but not surprisingly, Hiatt made her next two threes, officially tying the record of 8 made five years ago.

Being a multisport athlete, Hiatt takes pride in playing both soccer and basketball. Soccer teammate Sydney Crandall (11) said, “She’s really funny. Hailey always finds a way to make us feel motivated and to bring the energy to the team.” Not only is she a leader on the court, but she inspires people everyday to be better. 

With four games remaining in the season, I urge you to go watch Hailey Hiatt along with the rest of the basketball team as they pave their way to state.