Baseball Post Season, what to expect?


Jordan Powers

A member of the JV boys baseball team is seen at a game on March 16, 2022.

With the baseball season wrapping up and the post season beginning, what does this year’s district playoffs look like for the Arlington Eagles? Now, with Stanwood beating Meadowdale 8-0, it has been confirmed that on May 4, the Eagles will host the Spartans, looking to break the tie of a 1-1 this year.

Having an edge for the Spartans would really make this victory a sweet one for the Eagles. The district playoffs have the first two rounds loser go home, winners move on, then after that a double elimination standard.

One thing also we cannot forget is the other teams still on the board, for example winner of the Arlington v. Stanwood game would go against the #2 seed Edmonds-Woodway to then face either Mount Vernon or Ferndale. This year, the Eagles have not played Edmonds-Woodway, but their main focus is Stanwood. In the first meet-up, Stanwood fell to Arlington 7-1, with Billy Kooy (’25) hitting a Home run and a double, making him 2-3 in the game. But, in the next meet, the game came down to the final inning with our white uniforms, we lost 0-2.

Eli Jones (’24) leads in multiple categories in Arlington with OBP% and RBI’s as well as  seniors Ty Rusko and Cooper McBride leading with Home Runs, stolen bases and ERA. But one thing that needs to be addressed is the batting average. With our best average being .327 by Jones, and 3 others over .300 and our season average of .248. But Stanwood isn’t too far off either. With Ryan Cheesemen batting .429 and Mason Goodson batting .364. Now obviously stats aren’t everything, but still are important for baseball facts.