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The AHS Eagle

The student news site of Arlington High School

The AHS Eagle

The student news site of Arlington High School

The AHS Eagle


The Eagle Online is updated almost every day by students at Arlington High School in Arlington, Washington. The publication went online from a print medium on September 19, 2013. We currently have 1670 students on our campus and only 13 of those kids are Production Journalism students who work on the Online Newspaper, as well as the Yearbook.

We work with to publish. They are outstanding and help us to worry just about the quality of our journalism and not about the management of an online paper. They provide a management tool to help us keep track of the website and yearbook creation as well.


Below are our policies concerning all aspects of The AHS Eagle.


It is extremely important to give credit where credit is due. The AHS Eagle names those responsible for all articles, graphics, photos, art, columns, pages, reviews, and other material creatively conceived–with exception to staff editorials and staff pages. All bylined writers will be held accountable for their work. When more than one person has contributed creatively to a piece of work, they are also included in the byline.


We encourage readers to voice their opinions respectfully in regards to both the readers and writers of the publication. Comments will be pre-moderated, and may be removed if deemed to be in violation of this policy. Comments should remain on topic and should concern the article they are about. Brevity is encouraged. Posting under a pseudonym is not permitted.

Comments will be deleted if they fall under one or more of the following categories:

• The comment attacks a named or identified person or group.

• The comment makes readers unreasonably uncomfortable on the basis of ones race, gender, religion, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or otherwise.

• The comment personally and maliciously attacks any school member or employee.

• The comment contains obscenities or explicitness, including but not limited to drugs, alcohol, violence, and sex.

The Editor-in-Chief and/or the adviser of The AHS Eagle reserve the right to remove comments that violate any provisions hitherto outlined by this policy as they deem necessary.


The AHS Eagle will not publish anything that is deemed libelous, obscene, or in poor taste, in accordance with the Supreme Court’s standards. Rights are reserved to postpone, edit, or withhold publishing anything submitted which does not meet these specifications. The meaning of any piece will not be changed, but we reserve the right to correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation when necessary. Additionally, The AHS Eagle refuses to post criticism–which can be in the form of comments, Letters to the Editor, or additional formats–which is not supported by facts. The Editor-in-Chief and the adviser will make the final decision on all material appearing on The AHS Eagle. Staff members of The AHS Eagle do their best to uphold the philosophies of scholastic journalism, unless it violates the basic protections of journalists or the freedom accorded to all journalists.


The AHS Eagle proudly features an array of opinion pieces, ranging from blog posts to movie reviews. Such pieces will be clearly marked and found on designated opinion and/or blog pages. Opinion and/or blog pieces are the expressed opinion of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of The AHS Eagle and its Editor-in-Chief and adviser. Furthermore, the opinions conveyed are not necessarily those of the Arlington High School faculty or school board.


As a responsible newspaper, The AHS Eagle will not intentionally invade the privacy of any person and will make every effort to correctly spell names and position identifications. Accurate reporting of fact is the goal of the staff.


The AHS Eagle has several social media outlets, including Twitter and Facebook accounts. Social media accounts are maintained by students and the advisor. Social media will be used to promote The AHS Eagle, to promote published content, and to engage the community. Information posted on social media platforms will be held to the same standard as all other reporting in terms of information gathering and factual evidence. Social media accounts operated by staff members are not in anyway affiliated with The AHS Eagle, and do not necessarily represent the views and beliefs of The AHS Eagle.