Senior Tea

Senior Tea

May 21, 2019

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Assembly

Andrew O'Claray, Reporter

February 1, 2019

  Javier Sanchez, For almost 20 years has been inspiring people about experiencing life to the fullest in a positive way. That's exactly what he did at Arlington High School on January 18th for this years Martin Luther Ki...

ASB Elections

ASB Elections

Vivian Potong, Writer

January 29, 2019

Can girls and guys just be friends?

Kenna Starks, staff writer and photographer

January 24, 2019

I believe to be friends with the opposite sex, there has to be some sort of attraction. This could either be physical and even internal.  If you were to ask what you thought your your opposite sex best friends features were,...

School Shootings Have Become the New Norm… Do We Fear For the Next?

Grady Falk, staff writer and photographer

January 24, 2019

Whether you are aware of it or not, mass shootings impact each and everyone of us. October 24, 2014 is a date that will leave a never ending affect on most of us forever. That's the date in which Marysville Pilchuck High School...

Should AHS have a later start time?

Ashton Mckinney, staff writer and photographer

January 24, 2019

A later school start time has been an ongoing topic for some time now. Many would argue that starting school at 9:00 AM would only create problems for students with jobs and after school activities. However, as stated in  “Th...

From Council to Senate

Gracie Berger, writer & photographer

December 18, 2018

To get more involved, Arlington High School is trying something new. Mr. Ballew, current English Teacher and ASB adviser, coordinates with the ASB and admin to make sure that they are organized and prepared;. He’s also there ...

Blood Drive

Blood Drive

October 29, 2018