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Senior Dakota Peters working at his structural steel welding job.
Photo provided by D. Peters

Summer Job Options

Evan Bowyer, Staff Reporter June 4, 2024

Every summer, high school students want to find something good to do with their summer. For some students, that means find a summer job.  For Arlington senior Ethan Arndt, he will work as a diesel...

Successful Summer

Successful Summer

Kiera Wilson May 23, 2024

Once the sun starts shining in May one thing is clear and that is that summer is coming and school is ending. BUT! Just because school is ending it doesn’t mean that you should fall victim to the dreaded...

Subscribe to Success

May 21, 2024

The AHS Band will be going to Vancouver BC for the Worldstrides Heritage Music Festival starting on Thursday, May 23. They would like to livestream their events/performances so that families and friends...

Singing his heart out to the delight of the audience, Mr. Robert Hanson, passionately sang the song, Sway, accompanied by the AHS Jazz Band.

Celebrating our Cultures with Flair

Kiera Wilson, Staff Reporter May 13, 2024

On March 14, The students of the AHS Diversity Club hosted a Cultural Night at Arlington High School. The Arlington High School jazz band, Aerie and Eagle choir, Mr. Robert Hanson performed with a special...

Having these opportunities like College in High School [are] super important for us being able to really think about our careers and what we want to do.
-Maia Lopez

What’s the Difference?

Emerie Miles, Staff Reporter May 13, 2024

Does college credit sound appealing? Within the school there's a certain amount of advanced classes you can take which can offer this. College in High School, Advanced Placement courses, and Running Start...

Future Filled with Travel

Future Filled with Travel

E. Twitchell May 6, 2024

“I think that my biggest motivator in life is my future. Like I’ve seen how my parents grew up I’ve seen how my grandparents grew up, I come from a like a pretty small town, really poor family, just...

McKenna is Harmony

McKenna is Harmony

E. Twitchell May 6, 2024

“Music is a big part of my life and so I joined the drama program my freshman year of high school and I have been doing productions ever since. It takes up a lot of time, currently doing rehearsals every...

Key Club puts red cups into the fenceline every year during Kindness Week.

The Key to Kindness

Elena Twitchell, Staff Reporter April 22, 2024

Key Club is hosting a Kindness Week April 22-26. “Kindness Week is a tradition that our Key Club hosts every year around spring time, - we try to make one very grand week where we’re promoting kindness...

AHS student Parker Kinney took this picture walking along the shore of Christi, Texas beach during spring break 2024

Spring Break Plans

Evan Bowyer April 8, 2024

Every school year, one of the things students look forward to most is Spring break. All over the country, in all school levels K-12, spring break occurs. Now not all of them are the same. Some are a week,...

Kohl Hubbard (26) and Mariska Lebahn (24) are swing dancing while practicing their final number for Footloose, at rehearsal after school on February 13.

Kick Off your Sunday Shoes

Elena Twitchell March 26, 2024

 Footloose, our spring school musical was a great success. A few members of the cast and crew have expressed their opinions on auditions and practice before their opening night March 1st. According...

Holding a male praying mantis, Addison Martin (‘27) shows off her interest in animals and insects and her love for them, too.

A Passion for All Things Creative

Adrienne Pournadeali, St March 25, 2024

“As a child, I watched a lot of nature documentaries and had a fondness for animals. Eventually, I watched things that involved dragons. When I was five, I started designing dragons which led to me being...

Open to talking with anyone Adam Ritch (24) believes in good communication. He learned his friendships are an important aspect of his life.

Connecting With Others

Mia Guertin, Copy Editor February 28, 2024

“What motivates me to get out of bed is connecting with people. Being able to go out and find people… being able to foster connections.  I remember in middle school, not feeling super connected...

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