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Kamila Estrada, Jayden Gonzales, and Meredith Marsh tend the Student Stores bar

The Eagle Co. Packs Hallways, as Students Line Up To Support The Store’s Soft Opening

Tiele Lissa, Staff Reporter
October 3, 2022

The school’s infamous learning lab opened up during Thursday’s lunch, announcing its grand opening arriving very soon. The store is excited to be opening back up to the student body, allowing staff...

Link Day is the first day of school for freshmen; it is a day to figure out the lay of the land and become more comfortable in the building. We have some fun too; there are always games at the opening assembly.

Link Crew Day

Madison Moore, Staff Reporter
August 22, 2022

Every student at Arlington High School remembers their first day, and one of the activities that sticks in students heads is the famous Link Crew Day. Link day allows the new freshmen coming into Arlington...

Moving Up . . .

Hazel Nickel, Staff Reporter
June 17, 2022

On June 14, Arlington High School had the last assembly of the year, our Moving Up Assembly. Along with saying goodbye to seniors, there was also a moving up event where the current freshman, sophomore,...

Nature in Arlington

Sera Sabol, Editorial Board
June 1, 2022

As summer approaches, here are some of the best outdoor activities and locations in and around Arlington! Geocaching! All around downtown Arlington and the surrounding area are small treasures...

Upcoming Senior Events

Upcoming Senior Events

May 12, 2022

As the end of the school year quickly approaches us at Arlington, the time has finally come for seniors to wrap up their time in high school.  With that, comes all the fun events for students to make...

Dear Freshman, We Have Some Advice for You

Dear Freshman, We Have Some Advice for You

Lexi Eck, Staff Reporter
May 9, 2022

The transition into high school from middle school is an awkward and scary time for teenagers going through it.  They wonder if they’ll be able to find all of their classes on the first day, or have...

A picture of the updated Autism Awareness poster at AHS, following criticism of its portrayal of harmful symbols such as the puzzle piece, as well as containing misinformation.

What It’s Like to be Autistic in the Public School System

RJ Stevenson, Editorial Board
May 9, 2022

Autism, for as well known as it is, is sort of an elusive subject in the minds of the general population. Not many people are educated on it, and even more are grossly misinformed. Overall, our world is...

Pine Osborne (left) and Jessica Slavick stand donning the flags of their respective gender identities. Osborne is pictured with the non-binary flag, and Slavick with the transgender flag.

Who I Want To Be

RJ Stevenson, Editorial Board
February 10, 2022

  Important terminology for understanding this article:   Cisgender - an identity that correlates to one’s assigned gender at birth Gender-queer - an identity that isn't cisgender,...

Winter Sports Outside of School

Winter Sports Outside of School

Madison Moore, Staff Reporter
February 8, 2022

December is the start of winter sports, and two popular sports are skiing and snowboarding. Students may find these activities as a good opportunity to spend time with family or friends, and experience...

This was of a student getting an exposure warning on their phone.

Covid in Arlington High School

Madison Moore
February 8, 2022

Covid has affected everyone these past few years, and it has struck again. Many have noticed the growth of missing kids as more and more students stay home sick, and with the new version of covid many...

Yearbooks on sale NOW!!!!!

Yearbooks on sale NOW!!!!!

January 19, 2022

Arlington High School yearbooks are on sale NOW until January 31. $65 will get you our 312 page history of the 21-22 school year. Buy online or at the ASB window NOW!!!

The stage in BPAC.

“All in The Timing” by David Ives, Inside Look

Declan Oberg, Staff Reporter
December 15, 2021

Live performances are back here at AHS and to kick it off we are starting with “All In The Timing” by David Ives (a collection of five short plays). November The 5th  at 7 pm will be the first time...

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