Hustle and Hit but Never Quit


Hailey Brossard

Freshman Ryan Morzelewski is getting ready to receive a serve from Jackson High School opponent Trenton Viscalla.

Today, March 11, the Boys tennis team took on Jackson High School. Varsity did not take home a win, as their final score was 0-7. However, freshman Ryan Morzelewski did take home a win for Junior-Varsity, making their final score 1-7. 

This is Morzelewski’s first time playing tennis and his second win of the season. Playing number three singles and winning a score of 6-2 in both of his sets, he left proud.  He went into today’s match hoping to win and he did just that. 

When talking to Morzelewski more, he told us that his brother plays tennis and encouraged him to play a sport his freshman year. He joined the boys tennis team and did not know he would like it as much as he does. He does plan on coming back next year because he has thoroughly enjoyed it thus far. 

As he learns the ropes, Morzelewski has found that he enjoys playing singles rather than doubles because he likes having the whole court to himself. 

“Going into today’s match, I really paid attention during warm-ups to what skills my opponent was weaker in,” Morzelewski said. “So I targeted those areas while also placing the ball in places that would be harder to get to.” 

Besides technique and physical preparation, tennis is ultimately a game of strategy. It is a mental game and knowing how to use your advantages to get extra points. This is exactly what Morzelewski did today in order to take home a win. 

Next match for Boys tennis will be next Thursday!