Serving Up Perfection


Hailey Brossard

Tyler Uffens and Cadyn Sava up against Lakewood on court four.

It’s the start of a new year for Eagles boys’ tennis. Today, March 9, was the second match up of the season, as they played against Lakewood High School. Varsity had a huge sweep tonight as every Eagle took home a win, making their final score against Lakewood 7-0. 

Three matches fought for their win as they played into a third set. One set being singles player Cooper Mcbride, a sophomore here at Arlington, who played against Tyler Edmonds. The first set was a nail biter with Mcbride behind 5-7. However, he came back indestructible winning the last two sets 6-0. 

Sophomores’ Tyler Uffens and Cadyn Sava also fought for their win. Playing number two doubles, the boys lost their first set 5-7, but came back the second set and finished strong with a score of 6-3. The last set was anyone’s game but Uffens and Sava were determined to win. So, they did with a final score of 6-0. 

Playing third doubles, Josh Hurst and Isaiah Christofferson, were second to last competing for their win. Their first set had everyone on the edge of their seats, but they managed to win with a score of 6-4. However, the second match they were fighting to keep the win and ended with a score of 1-6. Which led the match up into a third set. Another nail biter but the Eagles take the win scoring 7-5. 

When also checking in with the senior Captains, Cameron Janousek and Jacob Bolopue, they were extremely excited about tonight’s win. Janousek and Bolopue both set themselves a goal this season, as they play number one doubles. Their goal this season is to work on serving and staying on top. 

Janousek said, “our strengths are when we are standing up at the net and hitting cross-court shots. But we consider some of our weaknesses being that we do not move our feet fast enough and getting to the ball.”

With the end goal being winning, this is Janousek and Bolopue’s first win of the season. They consider themselves a good doubles team as they have been playing together for almost two years now. 

Next Thursday, tune in and watch a tough matchup that our Boys Tennis team will be playing in. 

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