Finals Follow Up

Josh Hurst, Writer/Photographer

February 15, 2019

“Staying up all night, most nights” is what Will Litton (9) said about how finals affected him.  During the time period of January 23, 24, and 25, many students of AHS had to spend countless hours studying for a test that ...

Freshman in a Majority Upperclassmen Club

Josh Hurst, Writer/Photographer

January 24, 2019

Knowledge Bowl is a trivia based club that requires each of the three teams to compete head to head to get the answer the quickest.  Mr. Mendro puts on the event every Monday after school. Knowledge Bowl happens to be skewed to one s...

Advice for Freshmen

Chance Pearston ('20) advises that freshmen

Sadie Collins, Reporter/Photographer

September 29, 2017

Start Running with Free Tuition!

Start Running with Free Tuition!

Jared Swislow, Staff Reporter/Photographer

September 28, 2017

How to Prepare for Tests

S Collins, Reporter/photographer

October 10, 2016

With the new school year finally in full swing, it’s a little hard for students to balance their busy lives and school. Preparing for tests can be taxing. It can feel like there are too many tests to study for, or you’re reall...

Hannah Miller '18 works on one of English 9's weekly vocabulary tests in Mr. Hurst's class.

Freshmanheit 451

March 19, 2015