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An image of the ongoing construction occurring to the expansion that is attached to the existing C-wing of AHS. Taken on 10/19/2021.
An Update on the Construction to Arlington High School
Sera Sabol, Editorial Board • November 22, 2021

Delays have pushed back the completion date of the major expansion to Arlington High School (AHS). This expansion is being built onto the existing...

AHS students in the commons after first lunch.
How Have AHS Students Fared During First Quarter?
RJ Stevenson, Editorial Board • November 24, 2021

Our lives are still far from normal, but returning to in-person this fall has had quite the effect on many students. After a quarter back in...

Jacob Spelman & Parents
Senior Night Has Finally Arrived
Lexi Eck, Staff Reporter • December 3, 2021

As the fall sports season has come to an end, the reality of being a senior is finally starting to hit the students at Arlington. “It’s very...

The Food Truck: A Look at the Progress
The Food Truck: A Look at the Progress
Carson Rasmussen, Staff Reporter • March 2, 2021

As many might know, the AHS Journalism staff made a series of stories last fall that covered a wide range of topics regarding the Arlington Food...

Pie and whipped cream or ice cream are part of the Thanksgiving menu for most.
How to Thanksgiving, Eagle Style
Jaycob Tanis, Editorial Board • November 24, 2021

After asking the students and staff of Arlington High School what their top 3 Thanksgiving foods were, I got some interesting results. The top...