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Yearbook Update
Yearbook Update
Macie Butchart, Journalist • June 8, 2021

Listen up Eagles, yearbooks will be on sale from May 28-June 11. Here is all the information you need to know: No online orders Purchase...

"Taxi!" is an improv game the Drama Club played during their first in person meeting on Wednesday, April 14.
Extracurricular Activities with Hybrid
Mia Guertin, Staff Reporter • April 15, 2021

With the hybrid schedule launch and first week out of the way Arlington High School students are finding ways to gather and that includes extracurricular...

Arlington Girls Dominate the Court
Raina Allen, Staff Reporter • June 8, 2021

Our varsity girls basketball team went up against Snohomish (6-7-2) on Monday, June 7. First points of the game were made by Arlington with a...

The Food Truck: A Look at the Progress
The Food Truck: A Look at the Progress
Carson Rasmussen, Staff Reporter • March 2, 2021

As many might know, the AHS Journalism staff made a series of stories last fall that covered a wide range of topics regarding the Arlington Food...

New and Old Korean Dramas Review
Victoria Guzman, Staff Reporter • March 2, 2021

Sometimes something new is needed after what seems like years of scrolling through Netflix to find a show to watch. Maybe some new and fresh...