Golden Goal For The Win

Caleb Smith, Journalist

This last Tuesday, April 21st, the Eagles boy’s Soccer team took on the Stanwood Spartans in a rivalry game. The Arlington Boys controlled the ball for roughly 80 percent of the game, but failed to make any goals in regulation time. Arlington junior, Nick McDonald, successfully defended the goal when shots were made on a few fast breaks by the Spartans. At the end of regulation time, the game went into golden goal, a 5 minute sudden death overtime. The Eagles managed to get the ball into position and senior Seigo Hall scored the game winning goal for the Eagles. After the game Hall said, “it shouldn’t have came down to that.” The Eagles out played the Spartans in every way, but could not capitalize on the opportunities they were given. In the final minutes of regulation, the Spartans knew they could not shift the momentum, so they would get the ball out of bounds when ever possible, in order kill more time. This was a game that should have been over far sooner, but in the end the better team was victorious.