Arlington Volleyball Clean Sweep Against Shorewood

While the girls were warming up for the match, waves of energy were flowing throughout the gym. The spectators were coming in and anyone in the building could tell this was going to be a good night to come watch. The ball started out in the Thunderbirds’ possession and was served by a senior Haley Osborn #27. The match started out in Shorewood’s favor after the first rally. This first back and forth set the stage for the rest of the match. It was hard fought and very close.

Arlington started out with a bit of miscommunication that caused a little bit of trouble towards the beginning. After a couple of mistakes from Arlington,  sophomore Maggie Wood #12 came out with a powerful serve that got Arlington a point and turned the momentum around. Both teams were fighting very hard with a close save for Shorewood by sophomore Amber Langlois #12 when she dove straight at the ground. With the scores staying very close a timeout was called and directly after, Senior Michaela Camlin was seen smiling and keeping the girls spirits up for Arlington. This led the girls into a charge which led to a set victory for Arlington.

In between the 1st and 2nd set the small student section was trying to keep up the good spirits. Arlington comes out looking strong in hopes to win another set. Shorewood Senior Amira McCants #18 responded to this by using quick reactions and astonishing skill to fight back against Arlington. This did not help much however for Arlington fixed their communication issues seen earlier and stayed ahead the entire set to make the score 2-0.

During the 3rd set, the Thunderbirds come out looking to catch up as well as they could. There was a lot of tension along with many close calls made by Mr. Duskin. Early on Shorewood pulls ahead only to lose the race to Arlington. Throughout the last set Junior for Shorewood Kaitlyn Nagamatsu #22 showed a lot of intensity in hopes to keep the lead. However, Arlington pulled ahead and got a clean sweep against Shorewood winning three sets in a row.

After the game, #5 for Arlington Michaela Camlin had a few words to say. When asked about her leadership on the floor, Camlin says that she enjoys taking the leadership role out there because she likes the responsibility. She enjoys volleyball due to the competitive nature and the great people she shares the court with. She said that the other team had great serves along with great adaptability. They found the Eagles’ weaknesses toward the end but it turned out to be too little too late for the Thunderbirds.