Arlington JV beat the Panthers at Home


On April 12 2023, the Arlington High School JV baseball team went against Snohomish’s Panthers. With a strong start, Eagles freshman, Daniel Delcoure scored a run, through an RBI by Dylan Durfee. The scoreboard is 2-1, Snohomish up, and the Eagles defense is showing no mercy with first baseman Nathaniel Morin-Cotton scoring a triple play getting 3 outs in a row. The 3rd inning comes around the corner and Daniel Delcoure is up to bat. With cheers from the crowd, and encouraging shouts, he hits 4 fouls in a row, slipping by a strikeout. Number 28, Seth, had an unlucky lineout deep left field right into the Panther’s glove.

In the 4th inning, Snohomish Panthers scored approximately 4, making the score 2-5 runs. The Eagles defense was trying their hardest, but the Panthers hit every ball, and hit it well. Morin Cotton took Delcoure’s spot on the mound, in hopes to try and bring back the game. But sadly, 5 strikeouts couldn’t stop the runs.

The rest of the game consisted of off-and-on defense to offense. The Panthers scored a few more runs, and the Eagles motive and team energy was dropping lower and lower with every play. No matter the score, they still didn’t give up, and kept playing through and through with maximum effort. Durfee said after the game “This game wasn’t that exciting, we just got beat pretty hard. But we still tried our hardest, and you don’t always win.”

In the last couple of innings,  the defense was trying their hardest to take back the game. A flyball caught by Delcoure, strikouts from pitcher Morin-Cotton and good recoveries. In the final inning, the score was 8-2 and Delcoure tried to slide for one more point, but unfortunately got tagged short of the plate.

Key stats: Dylan Durfee and Daniel Delcoure went 2-for-3. Morin-Cotton had 7 strikeouts. Blake Barnett had two walks and an HBP. Seth had 4 total flyoffs.