Senior Night Slip Up

How the snow has affected the scheduling of the girls basketball Senior Night and how the Eagles plan to move forward ahead of their district game on Friday.

Logan Bruss, Sports Reporter/Journalist

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Snow days are usually looked at as a time to build memories as a kid, enjoy your day, and just flat out have a good time. But what happens when they take memories? That’s the situation our Arlington girls basketball seniors find themselves in. As they might get their night of recognition stolen from them by an impromptu February snowfall.

Senior night, originally scheduled for Monday the 4th, has been continually pushed back as school at AHS was cancelled Monday, Tuesday, and by Wednesday the whole game was cancelled.

It seems almost fitting that the theme of the game was to be whiteout as sheets of ice and snow cover up roads across town, as well as any chances of a game.  

The sudden flurry of snow might ice out a chance to pay homage to our two Eagle seniors, Mollie Janousek and Jackie Stupey, for their last four years of play sporting the Arlington blue and gold.

According to Mollie, the idea of not being honored has crossed her mind, however she has gotten through it with “support from [her] teammates and the program.”

The festivities have been rescheduled for Friday the 8th at halftime of the boys districts game, pending word on yet another suspected snowfall, that is predicted to begin at four pm on Friday.

This is not the most ideal option for the girls, however Mollie herself believes it’s “really the thought that counts…”

In our interview, Mollie gave me her overall outlook on the situation as well as going into details on her team’s winning ways and how they are trying to stay focused through all the distractions going on around them:

“It’s frustrating, it’s our senior year, out last time in the program, we want to a get chance to make our mark in program finish out the year strong.”

She went on to talk about how the snow has caused a lot of complications for the teams. With practices and games being canceled, Arlington have not been able to practice and Mollie stated she hoped the fast paced Eagles would be in good enough shape to go 100% in their distract game Friday night after the boys matchup.

Another problem they are faced with is a lack of scouting, as games across western Washington have been cancelled, the Eagles have not been able to study their opponents most recent games and prepare for their most important competition of the year.

But all of this set aside, we continue to have high hopes for these athletes, and we hope that the seniors get the recognition they deserve for their years of hard work. And no matter what, it’s an exciting experience to think about the potential this lineup may have as we creep closer to state, which is truly the greatest gift our seniors could hope to leave the Arlington hardwood with.


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