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Final Score: Arlington 6, Stanwood 37

Stilly Cup Changes Hands After 12-Year Streak

Nic Cunningham, Staff Reporter
October 1, 2022

For the first time in 13 years, the Stanwood Spartans defeated the Arlington Eagles in football, with a 37-6 victory on Friday night. Stanwood (5-0 overall, 4-0 in league play) remains unbeaten and remains...

The varsity boys team getting first at South Whidbey

The upcoming Cross Country boys team

Jessica Henry
September 30, 2022

On September 17th, the Cross Country guys made a comeback after losing their top 5 last year and still managing to get first at South Whidbey. Currently the varsity boys team consists of sophomores and...

Jacoby Falor (#5) catches 35 yard touchdown over Devyn Smith (#3) to extend their early lead.

Heartbreaking End to Streak

Dylan Durfee, Staff Reporter
September 26, 2022

On September 24, Arlington Eagles went head-to-head with their long time rivals, Ferndale in what seemed to be one of the most hyped up games this season. “It’ll be a dog fight” said Avery Lindsay,...

Strong Start to the Season

Payton Conner, Staff Reporter
September 26, 2022

WESCO North Champs. The Arlington Eagles 2021-22 football season was one of their most successful seasons. The Eagles had an abundance of seniors with a winning record that season, and they saw themselves...

Cheerleaders pump everyone up at sporting events, but they also set the tone for assemblies and parades as well.

Cheer Changes with the Season

Tyler Howe, Staff Reporter
March 11, 2022

Cheer is unique for being involved in other sports and holding competitions amongst each other in what's known as competitive cheerleading. They also are different from other sports as they perform inside...

Senior Bri Williams-Bales wrestles at state.

Sibling Rivalry at a Different Level

Kyrah Maxey, Staff Reporter
March 11, 2022

Those of us with siblings know it's hard to get along at times; siblings fight and argue. But what happens when they're on the same team?  Bri and Elizabeth Williams-Bales are sisters on the wrestling...

Sophomore Dustin Baxter wrestles teammate junior Eric Vogel at the state tournament in February. Baxter took 3rd.

Looking to the Future

Jesse Paull
March 11, 2022

As winter sports come to close many great athletes will be graduating leaving their positions available to the underclassmen of Arlington High School. These future team leaders all have very ambitious...

Raina Allen wrestles on day one of the state tournament. Allen placed 8th in her weight class.

Wrestlers Grapple at State Tournament

Brooklyn Clasby
March 11, 2022

Arlington High School’s wrestling team send off to compete at state on Thursday Feb 17, 2022. Both the girls and the boys team had a group of individuals go to compete. The boys sent off Dustin Baxter...

Jacob Spelman & Parents

Senior Night Has Finally Arrived

Lexi Eck, Staff Reporter
December 3, 2021

As the fall sports season has come to an end, the reality of being a senior is finally starting to hit the students at Arlington. “It’s very sad and I wish it didn’t have to be over, but for the...

The Impact of Rain on Sports

Jesse Paull, Staff Reporter
November 22, 2021

Weather affects all sports in some shape or form. In some sports it just makes mental changes, in others it physically changes the entire sport or even cancels games. All of these changes affect athletes...

Energy Drinks Impacts On Adolescent Health

Energy Drinks Impacts On Adolescent Health

Quin Denisoff, Staff Reporter
November 22, 2021

For most people, plain water is the greatest hydrating beverage, although energy drinks are promoted to those who exercise or need an energy boost to get through the day.    Energy drinks include...

Arlington Girls Dominate the Court

Raina Allen, Staff Reporter
June 8, 2021

Our varsity girls basketball team went up against Snohomish (6-7-2) on Monday, June 7. First points of the game were made by Arlington with a two point shot by number 34. Arlington makes its way up to...

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