A Quiet Place Review

Mollie Janousek, Mollie Janousek

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A Quiet Place, directed by John Krasinski, is a thrilling, apocalyptic film revolving around the life of one small family in New York, who attempts to survive against the strange creatures that hunt people and animals by sound. Most of you may know that Krasinski previously played the role of “Jim” on the sitcom TV show The Office. For me, it was interesting to see Krasinski first of all, directing the movie, and second of all, playing a very serious role.

Overall, I absolutely loved this movie. I’m not really a scary movie type person, but this movie was one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. Now before you go and see this movie wanting to terrify yourself, keep in mind that it’s more of a jumpy type scary. The plot is interesting, but it doesn’t seem like it would truly happen in the real world. Aliens attacking the world seems a little bit unrealistic if you ask me.

A few things I liked about this movie were first, one of the children in the family is a deaf girl. This adds a whole lot of depth to the film and to the family overall because they have to stay silent, or else they will be killed by the creatures. Since they know sign language, they are able to communicate much easier. It’s kind of like a survival advantage. Also, I really enjoyed how intuitive and resourceful Krasinski made the family. They have all this equipment and cameras and methods of telling each other they’re in danger just by turning on a certain color of lights. I also really liked how because they couldn’t talk much throughout the film, you didn’t know the names of the characters or their age or anything, so it gives the movie more depth because you can grow to like the family on a different level. The ending of this film was very good, as well.

Some things I didn’t really enjoy about this movie were that it starts on day 89 of their apocalypse, and it keeps skipping to months ahead, but you don’t get to see how the apocalypse started. I kept waiting for it to skip back to the beginning, but it never did. Also, some parts of the movie were predictable, of course. I mean, most horror films are. Just be prepared to call what happens before it does. Another thing that bothered me a lot was that the family could NOT catch a break for the lives of them. I won’t spoil, but bad things just kept happening and happening. It was like they just got through something, but it created another problem and just snowballed from there. But throughout the movie, the strength and courage of the family made me enjoy the movie more and outweighed the bad things.

Overall, this movie is absolutely captivating. I highly recommend that you go watch it. If you like adrenaline and survival, or even just an all-around great, entertaining film, I suggest you go see A Quiet Place; it’s definitely worth your time.