Technology in the Classroom



An English 10 class works on their assignments on the classroom chromebooks.

Imani Jackson

As the years go on, the world progresses and improves more and more. People twenty years ago did not use nearly as much technology as people today and twenty years from now who knows where technology will take us.

Because this generation is so tech savvy, technology can now be found in classrooms. Computers and chromebooks are commonly found in the classrooms and students are required to get their work done online.

Katie Sliker (‘19) says “I use technology in half or more of my classes.”

She, being a more hands-on learner, feels that schools should cut back on the use of technology in classrooms. On the other hand, Edward Mendoza (‘19) says that schools should use more technology.

Although sometimes the computers are slow, Edward likes to use the computers for fast information and aids. He also does a lot of his homework and assignments on the computer.

Sliker agrees that the use of internet in class can be beneficial to learning at times. She says skyward is a great way to check for missing assignments and upcoming events.

Google Classroom is another useful app used by many teachers in our very own Arlington High School where assignments, reminders, and class tools are posted.

If students are absent or need to catch up on something in class, the teachers can post the materials on Google Classroom for easy access. That way, you can have access anytime and anywhere.

Access to the internet also means access to fast online dictionaries, tools and aids, research, and any information students want to know. Just a few clicks here and there can give millions of results to assist students in their learning.

However, because we are becoming so internet absorbed, classes have to rely on the internet to cooperate. At times, connection can be difficult and interfere with assignments.

Sliker fears that students are losing some social skills by always being absorbed in technology. She also says that “One on one stuff is getting lost. There’s not as much communication.”

There are many pros and cons to having technology in classrooms. Whether we approve or not, the world will continue to develop and students must be prepared to use it to their benefit.