Varsity Boys Tennis for the Win

After an intense match with rival Stanwood Spartans, Arlington varsity boys tennis was able to score a decisive win 5-2 on October 9th.

They began their matches after a touching ceremony with Coach Mendro, who gave the senior boys flowers and score cards for their last home match of their high school careers.

Senior boys Will Eckley and Dean Shepherd, playing doubles, were able to win their match in two sets, the first was 7-5, the second 6-4.

Connor Fochesato (18’) was also able to win his singles match, playing three sets (1-6, 7-5, 6-3).

Freshman Vincent Loftis easily beat his Stanwood counterpart, winning his singles match in two sets, 6-2 and then 6-4.

Ben Spores (19’) and Ben Nichols (20’) won their match in two sets, 6-2 and 6-4.

Other teams that won include Taras McCurdie (‘20), and the doubles duo Cody Perdue (19’) and Tomas Ramirez (19’).

Despite playing a difficult game, the doubles players Burch Walker and Johnathon Leon-Guerrero lost their match in their third set, (3-7). However, they were able to win their second match 6-4.  

Likewise, Dominic Palmisano (18’)  lost his match (2-6, 1-6). Despite this, he was able to keep a positive attitude throughout the entire match, demonstrating good sportsmanship.

The next Varsity tennis match is at Snohomish High School for the 3A North Division Tournament and will be on October 17th. All tennis matches are free to attend, so feel free to support the team.