Unsung Hero: Taras McCurdie


Taras McCurdie (’20) competes in his last home game of the regular season.

Varsity boys tennis did well this year, winning eleven of their sixteen matches. Senior, Conner Fochesato held the number one spot, and freshman Vincent Loftis played third singles. There hasn’t been a freshman on varsity boys tennis since Isaiah Mitzelfeldt and Nicholas Mendro in 2013. However, one player has been overlooked, Taras McCurdie, a sophomore, held the number two singles spot.

“He could’ve been number one, he beat me twice,” Fochesato said, “He’s the biggest competitor I know on the courts.”

Team captains, Will Eckley (‘18) and Fochesato, and Coach Mendro all agreed that McCurdie is very athletic, due to his background in soccer which has given him a lot of quickness and endurance.

“Taras is one of the fastest people on the team, which allows him to run things down that most people simply will not get to.”  Many people of his ability “play much more aggressively and charge the net more often.” In this way, Taras’ game is unique because “he seems to thrive on the backcourt,” Eckley said.

Because of this, and his need for perfection, McCurdie is a player many agree has the potential to become even better than he already is.

Mendro believes he could be the number one player in preceding years as long as he continues to work hard and practice outside of the season. He also mentioned that McCurdie could have an outside chance of making it to State. Which would be extraordinary, as AHS has never had a boy’s tennis player attend the state competition.

Not only is McCurdie an exceptional player, he adds “A good level of intensity that inspires other guys on the team,” Mendro said.

“Taras was one of the goofiest kids on the team this year, making the season so much more enjoyable,” Eckley said.

All in all, Taras McCurdie brings a high level of talent to the court and everyone is waiting to see what he becomes.