Lights Out for Snohomish

Senior Night. Undefeated League champs. Power outages. You could say it was an eventful night for Ladies Eagle soccer. The night started with a goal from #12 Buell (‘17) within the first two minutes of the game. Closely followed by a goal from the Snohomish Panthers. After a corner kick, #19 Miears (‘17) heads the ball over the keeper, scoring. The Panthers then proceeded to their goal, when the Eagles stopped them in their tracks. Buell went for a goal from the far post, succeeding. After the two back to back goals from Miears and Buell, the score was 3-1. The game was then put on hold, due to a power outage. According to Tom Roys, athletic director, the power also went out in the gym during the volleyball game. However it took longer for the stadium lights to turn on because “they’re mercury vapor lights, whereas the gym lights are fluorescent” and take longer to warm back up. Shortly after the power came back on, it went out again. This didn’t stop the game though, both teams waited it out for a second time to finish the game. Bouncing back from two consecutive power outages, #13 Chica (‘17) scored a cracker of a shot not even a minute back into the game. Returning from halftime, Buell was able to complete her hat trick making it 5-1, Eagles up. After an exciting first half of a game things toned down for a while. Until #20 Tift (‘18) made a goal over the keeper’s arm, leading the Eagles to a 6-1 victory over Snohomish. After an eventful night, the game didn’t end until after 10:00 pm, but the AHS girls soccer team ended the night League champs once again.