Arlington Girls Soccer Defeats the Everett Seagulls

Crisp weather and changing leaves make a great night for a high school soccer game. As the stadium lights up and fans arrive, Arlington warms up for yet another win in their season.

Jordan Buffon(‘19) eagerly says before the game starts, “we’ve been doing really well this season, I’m hoping we can score another win for our Lady Eagles tonight”.

The team passes the ball right up to Cheeka Phillips(‘17), number 13, who takes the first shot on goal 2 minutes in. The ball misses the goal by just a hair and goes out of bounds. The girls recover quickly and keep the ball on the offender’s side. The team keeps the ball up by making fast and smart passes to one another, easily flying past the Seagull’s defense.  Everett kicks a deep pass to their offense,but Thalia Miears (‘17), number 19, easily traps the ball and kicks it up to Gia Tift(‘18). Tift, number 20, passes the ball to Phillips who gets fouled inside the goal box. Phillips takes the Penalty Kick and scores Arlington’s first goal with 4 minutes left, making the Eagles 1 point ahead at the end of the first half.

Second Half begins and Phillips scores another goal 4 minutes in with the assist of number 17, Jamie Farrar(‘17). Seagulls turns the ball over and take a shot on goal, and Brielle Schrader stops the ball and kicks it up to Hailee Wrzesinski(‘18) who dribbles the ball up to the other half when Everett kicks the ball out of bounds. Seagulls carrie the ball back to Arlington’s defense where number 3,Emily Mann(‘17), steals the ball and kicks it to Kali Knepper(‘17). Kali passes the ball up to McKenzie Buell(‘17) who sets Philips up for her 3rd goal of the night, giving herself a hat trick. And that marks the end of the game, Arlington 3-0.

Sami French(‘18), a forward, says after the game, “I love how we got it together and worked good as a team. We connected really well with each other. We go out as a family and come back as one, working as hard as we can, win or lose.”