AHS’ Arts Week, A Prominent Display of Diverse Talent


Kai Wittenberg

An interpretive art sculpture produced by the arts classes.

Kai Wittenberg, staff writer

This Tuesday, April 21st, marked the start of AHS’ annual Arts Week. Though the exhibition contains many pieces of art – which vary greatly in style – other branches of the arts such as the bands, choirs, and dramas, are being represented.

When one first walks into the PAC (where the show is being held), visitors are greeted by a menagerie of different artistic displays. Sculptures from Art III’s recent project line the entryway. The plaster hands, which have been molded, painted, and set into an artistic backdrop, seem to lead the guests further into the exhibition. Just past these displays, foldout stands which have been moved into the room are adorned with various paintings, prints, presses, and charcoal rubs – just to name a few of the many diverse artistic styles on display. Featuring numerous students from all three levels of art class, a great deal of variety is found within both artistic styling, and artistic ideas.

Some students, such as Jessie Johnson , whose phenomenal landscape paintings express an abject realism and attention to detail, are grounded in an artistic style devoted to accuracy. Other pieces however, maintain an air of contemporary art, expressing through their work the ideas behind the paintings through their techniques, rather than a particular realistic style. These can be found in a variety of paintings and sculptures, belonging to students such as Ethan Lidral and Callie Walter.

Passing the paintings, viewers are faced with what originally seems like a pile of potpourri. However, looking closer one can see a particular pattern to the sculpture. What seems to be a grouping of random objects is actually a well-thought out interpretive art piece.

Aside from the physical pieces of art, the choirs, bands, and drama departments are all taking part in the exhibition. Performing on various days, a mix of these groups can be seen putting on a show all throughout each day. What’s more, during these musical performances pieces of live art are being painted, or drawn, under a document camera overlooking the performers. In this, the two work in conjunction to create a combination that goes well together. Lastly, the drama department performed a 10-minute play festival on Thursday, April 23rd, after school, and is open to all students.

The arts department has really outdone themselves this year, and gone over the top in its monumentally vast display of arts, music, and drama performances.