Flights Journey to Place Second


Flight at the Fullerton College Jazz Festival

Our Arlington High School Flight team participated at Fullerton College Jazz Festival in Fullerton California on April 21st, 2023. They sang their hearts out while they competed and came out with a second place finish. When asked about how it felt to place second Lucas Watts said (25) “It was crazy when we got second because we watched all of the other choirs in our category and some of them were really good.”
In the Fullerton College Jazz Festival the Choir team got a score of 267 points and those points led them to their second place finish. When asked about the competition Shelbie Kroeze (23) said “I didn’t even think we were going to place. It was super exciting, given that we placed third last year. We were one of the first groups to perform, so we watched our competition and I was thoroughly impressed with the other groups.”
A lot of training went into achieving this very moment, there were countless hours and days put into the Flight program. When asked about the training process Celina Meyers (23) said “Flight meets every morning at 7am for 0 period all week! We’ve been working on our songs since the beginning of January.”
Flight is a choir for Arlington High School, it consists of 16 vocalists and 5 instrumentalists. When asked about what singing is to her, Meyers (23) said “Singing is a hobby for many, but a passion for me. Singing and performing with this amazing group of people is an experience I can’t begin to put into words, but it has changed my high school career for the better, and allowed me to become more confident within myself.”