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Why The Hunchback of Notre Dame Is Darker Than You Think

Why “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” Is Darker Than You Think

May 19, 2015

Recently, during a fit of nostalgia I watched a movie that I had seen quite a few times during my childhood. Thinking that it would be the lighthearted tale that I remembered I sat down with a bowl of...

An interpretive art sculpture produced by the arts classes.

AHS’ Arts Week, A Prominent Display of Diverse Talent

April 30, 2015

This Tuesday, April 21st, marked the start of AHS' annual Arts Week. Though the exhibition contains many pieces of art - which vary greatly in style - other branches of the arts such as the bands, choirs,...

Grand Theft Auto V: A Game of Satire

April 29, 2015

Recently, the massively successful Grand Theft Auto V was released on PC, and as a game mired in controversy, it has been met with both positive, and negative reviews. Continuing the long-running legacy...

Documentary Watch: Living On A Dollar A Day

March 27, 2015

This documentary is rather unique compared to many others one would run across on Netflix. Instead of a professional crew of trained cameramen, accredited journalists, and videographers, the crew that...

Documentary Watch: Virunga

March 27, 2015

Recently, while browsing through movies and shows on Netflix I came across a documentary: Virunga. With a somewhat cryptic title (for those who aren't familiar with the Congolese national park) the...

The Layman’s Guide to Becoming an Art Aficionado

March 16, 2015

Nowadays art comes in many forms and styles, and it is important that the 'would-be' art connoisseur knows the basic art movements and styles that have come and gone. The following summaries will act as...

Townspeople played by seniors Connor Ghirardo and Josh Sheldon argue during one of the opening scenes of Cinderella on Friday, March 6th.

Arlington Drama Breathes New Life Into Story of Cinderella

March 13, 2015

With stories such as Cinderella, which has been through many iterations and adaptations, it's hard to revitalize something that has become so familiar and "vanilla" to the viewer. So what does one do when...

Senior Nate Peterson in the play Almost, Maine.

Almost, Maine: A Play To Remember.

November 15, 2014

Last Friday marked the opening night of the play Almost, Maine performed by our High School’s resident group of thespians. The play features residents of a small township aptly named ‘Almost’ and...

Senior Bre Morren receives the ball and pushes towards the MG goal to finish her hat trick.

[Photo] When the Net Feels Like Home

October 31, 2014

Senior Bre Morren receives the ball and pushes towards the MG goal to finish her hat trick.

Students are evacuated from Marysville-Pilchuck High School by law enforcement officers following a shooting at the school on Friday morning.

Young Shooter Opens Fire at Marysville Pilchuck High School: Two Dead, Four Injured.

October 24, 2014

Marysville - This Friday morning, at 10:39 am, a lone shooter opened fire upon students in the cafeteria at Marysville Pilchuck High school with a 40 caliber handgun; according to Commander Robert Lamoureux...

What’s Happening At The Game Tonight

September 19, 2014

Today’s Varsity football game against Eastside Catholic marks an important landmark event for Arlington High School. Not only is the school receiving a $200,000 grant from the NFL and a $25,000 grant...

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