Why Art?


Art Club members celebrate a Halloween on 10/28/16.

High School can be a stressful time for students. They can feel out of place and confined. Through art, students can express themselves.Art club is a great way for the artists in our community to connect and talk about a subject they are passionate about. Asking several different Art club members some questions, they all had a different way of answering.

“I joined art club because I’m new to the school. I thought it was a good way to get involved and make friends. All of these people are interested in what art,” said Micah Danville(‘17).

People’s reasoning for why they love varies. Art has passion, hidden meanings, elaboration, expression, and more. Every artist and admirer can describe why they love art and more specifically a certain piece. For some it could be because they are good, and others because it is a way to escape. Just like art itself, the emotion behind art can all be diverse and unique.

“Art is a lifelong skill that I can always keep improving on. It is a hobby that I can do for the rest of my life, a skill that I can never outgrow. Art is one big cauldron of stuff that you can learn for years and years,” Arthur Leung(‘17).

In art club alone, many different kids expressed themselves and why they like art. Art club is a great place for students to find where they belong and believe in themselves. You are not confined, You are not hiding. You are not what is on the surface.

“You can make whatever you want  whenever you want.There are no limits when it comes to art, there is no one there to judge you,” said Ava Iverson (‘19).