Aerie Treble Choir Expands on Previous Success

Members of the Aerie Choir singing in the gym.

Members of the Aerie Choir singing in the gym.

Sam Wolff, Writer/ Photographer

Members of Arlington High School’s Aerie Treble Choir look to expand on last year’s successes, for what they hope is a long lasting tradition at Arlington High School.

The young women of the all-female Aerie choir say that it’s important to be more than just a group. The Aerie Choir’s relationship with one another is an inspiring ordeal to watch. A family grows together, and since the beginning of the year the members of Aerie have grown to be friends and, more importantly, a family. The young women of Aerie are an inspiring group of individuals and who are inspired by what they do.

“We are more than just a group who sings together; we are family,” said Emily Malme (17).

Compared to last year’s seventeen members, the group has almost doubled in size to what is now thirty members.

“We are united in our desire to show the world that as young women, we can come together and create something beautiful,” said Arianne Blackburn (19).

But members of the choir said that they don’t just want to have fun and sing; they also want to help others and be the best that they can be.

“We strive to be the best choir in state, and if we don’t make it, we hope to be known not for our winnings, but the effort, character, and emotion we put into our music,” said Itzel Ceja (18).

The potential of this group is evident, and they hope to succeed in their future endeavors.

“We want to help hurting hearts heal with a song,” said Shayla Poppe-Voges (17).

The Aerie Choir is on the road to success, and members look to continue to grow their talent in 2015.

“Music is inspiring and it has inspired us.” says Andrea Moore-Kelly (18).