The AHS Eagle

Samrie Feria(11) and partner Areanna Schuerman(11) show off there duel routine at the Veterans Day Assembly.

ROTC Competition

March 4, 2019

Freshman in a Majority Upperclassmen Club

Josh Hurst, Writer/Photographer

January 24, 2019

Knowledge Bowl is a trivia based club that requires each of the three teams to compete head to head to get the answer the quickest.  Mr. Mendro puts on the event every Monday after school. Knowledge Bowl happens to be skewed to one s...

The poster Key Club made advertising their weekly meetings. They are collecting old t-shirts to donate to the local animal shelter

The Key (Club) for Success

November 29, 2017

DECA Lemonade

Delaney Barson, Staff Writer & Photographer

November 8, 2017

October, it’s the month of breast cancer awareness and at Arlington High School it’s the time where DECA has their Lemonade challenge. The Lemonade challenge is where teams put together in DECA go head to head to raise money ...

Brianna Whitley ('17) and Kirsten Marsh ('17) joke around while planning for the Respect Team's year.

Helping Holiday Hands

December 19, 2016