The Key (Club) for Success


The poster Key Club made advertising their weekly meetings. They are collecting old t-shirts to donate to the local animal shelter

Key Club is making dog toys for the local animal shelter. The club meets every Thursday in Chappel’s (B205), and provides complimentary snacks for those that attend.

Key Club is a volunteer club, but unlike National Honor Society, is open to everyone, regardless of grade level or GPA. This means that the members are truly dedicated to the selfless spirt of volunteering.

The members are currently planning what project to focus on this year, trying to find where they would have the most impact for the community. They’re currently thinking of pledging themselves to cleaning up the Crown Ridge park but are also considering other options.

Joining a volunteer club is great way to put yourself out there, and find out about volunteering events you may not have know of otherwise. Having Key Club on your resume also looks really good for colleges, who like to admit students making a difference in their communities and able to commit over a long period of time.0

Being apart of Key Club also means you have the chance to go the DCON, or the Pacific Northwest Key Club Convention. Last year two Key Clubbers were able to go to the event, which was held in Portland, Oregon. Hanna Novy (18′), one of the Key Clubbers that was able to attend, said “it was great to see so many different people coming together to support the same cause.”

Arlington’s Key Club is just getting started for this year, so there’s still plenty of time to join and make your mark on the community!