Off to Ashland

Though it may be a small town, Ashland, Oregon is a place many go to visit throughout the year. Located near the Oregon-California border, the town itself is home to five unique theaters, and hundreds of people gather yearly to see premieres and plays acted out in each one. Among these hundreds are AHS’ very own Drama Club members.

“There’s a lot of shows to see,” Mr. Moberly says of the trip. “We’ll be seeing six shows in four days.” The shows will all be performed during Ashland’s annual Shakespeare festival, which takes place from February 17th through October 29th. Drama Club will be taking their trip to see the action on March 30th, and will come back home on the 4th of April.

“My least favorite part about the trip . . . will be the ride back,” Chloe Allen, a club member, states. “It’s just thinking about the fact that it’s over. On the trip, everyone becomes like family, and when you leave, you’re leaving a piece of you behind.” It seems as though the experience will be unforgettable for the junior girl. When asked, she commented “the experiences will last you a lifetime. If you get dementia, those memories will be one of the last things you’ll forget.”

Sounds like an unforgettable experience!

Many memories and lessons will be taken back from Drama Club’s spring trip, along with inspiration for future plays here at home in Arlington.

“I’m inspired by what artists create,” Moberly says. “We all start with just script, with words on paper.”