Seussical the Musical Review

Imani Jackson, staff writer & photographer

On March 2, 3, 9 and 10, the Arlington High School Drama Club presented Seussical the Musical for their spring musical. At the 7:00 pm showing on the last night, all of the seniors, staff and crew were recognized as a result of it being the final big production of the year. Mr. Jeff Swanson, the choir teacher, was recognized for his time served and his contributions to the school, as it is his last year teaching at Arlington High School. Along with teaching choir, he is the director for club choirs, Aerie and Flight, as well as the pit orchestra for the musicals.

In the pit, Mr. Swanson directs Seussical for his last piece of pit orchestra music. The music for this particular spring musical was both excitingly unique and fun to match the appearance and events that took place up above on the stage. Reflecting the style of Dr. Seuss’s books, outgoing music accompanying the characters on stage helped bring the illustrations Dr. Seuss created to life.

Along with the playful music, the actors and actresses’ abstract costumes allowed imaginary characters from the books to become a reality. From bright colored socks to crazy spiraling hair and wild makeup, the costume designers and makeup artists made ordinary people look like a figment of our imagination.

Under the direction of Mr. Scott Moberly, the participants of the play, whether is be on or off stage, created a outstanding masterpiece that the audience loved.

The reoccuring song “Oh, the Thinks You Can Think” throughout the musical conveyed a message of open-mindedness and embracing your creativity. It encourages people to let their minds run wild and take them places they would have never dreamed of reaching.

In the musical, one of the main characters, JoJo, played by Grace Moberly (’18), found his way back home by using his “thinks” as his friend the Cat in the Hat, played by Adam Wirth (’18), suggested.

The song “How lucky you are,” which also appeared multiple times throughout the performance, gives  the message of maintaining a positive and optimistic outlook on life no matter how bad the situation may seem.

When things went wrong and the characters found themselves in a pickle, which Zeke Basher’s (’18) character Horton the elephant often did, the Cat in the Hat reminded them of the positive qualities of the situation.

And if you can’t remember anything else from this wonderful production the AHS drama put on, always remember: “A person is a person no matter how small.”