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The student news site of Arlington High School

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Open to talking with anyone Adam Ritch (24) believes in good communication. He learned his friendships are an important aspect of his life.

Connecting With Others

Mia Guertin, Copy Editor February 28, 2024

“What motivates me to get out of bed is connecting with people. Being able to go out and find people… being able to foster connections.  I remember in middle school, not feeling super connected...

Flyer for the Senior Dinner Dance.

Last Day To Buy Senior Dinner Dance Tickets

Mia Guertin, Copy Editor February 9, 2024

The Senior Dinner Dance will be held on March 5. Today Friday February 9 is the last opportunity to purchase your tickets for the dance. There will be a booth set up to help you pay for your tickets...

This was of a student getting an exposure warning on their phone.

Covid in Arlington High School

Madison Moore February 8, 2022

Covid has affected everyone these past few years, and it has struck again. Many have noticed the growth of missing kids as more and more students stay home sick, and with the new version of covid many...

Boeing Layoffs

Beau Hamilton, Editor June 9, 2017

The airplane manufacturing giant, Boeing, has faced various cutbacks over the past couple of months which have forced the company to undergo multiple waves of employee layoffs. On April 21, the company...

Brian Gomez (17) flashes his new tattoo while pumping up the crowds at Band Lottery.

Body Mods are Permanent

Payton Knudson, Reporter/Photographer June 8, 2017

Entering the 21st century the appearance of body modifications have increased substantially. Once only done to signify yourself as part of a gang or for traditional and religious purposes, it now reaches...

Custodians Hard At Work

Eric Acero Rosas, Writer/Photographer June 8, 2017

A lot of work goes into this school that us as students sometimes don’t take into account. We take for granted our clean floors and classrooms which we wander about each day. When someone comes to our...

Jack Hamilton and Cami Hannah are engrossed by their phones during class.

Trends in Mobile Games: Tedious Time Wasters

Sasha Richart, Reporter/Photographer June 5, 2017

The ever pervasive mobile game. A trend in today’s culture that seemingly has no bound, no marketing cap, and virtually endless revenue opportunities. The industry is so large there’s full-scale primetime...

HOW TO: Find a job

June 5, 2017

It’s tough trying to find a job when you don’t know where to look or what connections you really have in the business world. It’s even growing even more overwhelming with the access to site likes...

AHS students were asked to rate their motivation towards school during the summer months.

How to Survive the “End of School Year Blues”

May 31, 2017

As the school year comes to an end, you may be thinking; “It’s almost summer. I’m done” or “My grades don't matter anymore," like Kylie Block('17). You find yourself lacking motivation to finish...

How To: Summer Jobs

May 31, 2017

As the school year is coming to an end, students, tasked with mindlessly spending their time in front of a television set or lounging down at Lake Goodwin, will turn to work to fill their weekdays. Whether...

Move over Cinderella, Duct Tape is taking over the ball

Sasha Richart, Reporter/Photographer May 17, 2017

If you attended this year’s prom, you may have seen Lauren Nelson, a senior, wearing a dress made entirely of duct tape. This albeit strange dress, served more of a purpose than just covering up though....

College Is the Goal. The Problem? Making the Right Choice.

College Is the Goal. The Problem? Making the Right Choice.

Sadie Collins, Reporter/Photographer May 16, 2017

College choices are due soon. So how do you choose the best fit for you, how to accomplish that, and how to handle the rejection letter.   When applying, you must ask yourself if you want to stay in...

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