Language Clubs Unite to Celebrate Mardi Gras


Madame Taylor skillfully demonstrates how to make the first crepe to a crowd of eager and hungry club members.

On a lazy friday afternoon, Spanish, French, and German club all gathered together in the culinary room to celebrate Mardi Gras. With Madame Taylor as a guide, students learned how to make their own crepes, roll them, and then decorate to taste. As Taylor cooked, she explained how having crepes on Mardi Gras is an old tradition, dating back to street fairs in France. As they were walking through the celebration, they didn’t have time to cook meals, or be burdened by seated food, so vendors would sell sweet or savory crepes in napkins for people to take throughout the streets.
The event was overall a success, with only a few setbacks. French club president Belle Lasalata said “everyone had fun and…it was probably the largest turnout we have had.” Not all that glitters is gold however, another member of the French club, Alyssa Kallstrom, said “there wasn’t enough batter for everyone,” but that the set-up, and the food were well executed.
Many members feel that this collaboration between clubs is vital to creating an atmosphere of community and positivity. Lasalata said “These kind of events bring us together. We may not be learning the same language, but we understand how hard it is. Most everyone in a language club is interested in learning about culture and tradition. It creates an atmosphere of unity through diversity.”
While the party was celebrating Mardi Gras, it as Kallstrom said “captured a small part of Mardi Gras, because it’s such a diverse celebration. It was a fun event that only emulated a sliver of an amazing holiday.”