Travel Opportunities


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Senior Carina Ableman and others pose for a picture on a French street. Ableman said, “walking down the street was so beautiful”

Aubrey Engels, Writer

Growing up in a town like Arlington can make people feel like they live in a bubble. As students get older many will long to go experience the world outside this small town we live in. Luckily at AHS students don’t necessarily have to wait until they are older to experience the world. There are several different classes and clubs that offer travel opportunities for students. 

This past Summer, Senior Sarah French, spent nine days in South America alongside several other AHS students. They traveled to Panama for three days and Costa Rica for six visiting the Panama Canal and going zip lining. French commented, “The best part of the trip was bonding with everyone. No one was super close friends but we all got really close and had a lot of fun.” French has taken three years of Spanish with Senor Christensen, and she heard about the trip during her sophomore year. She has always wanted to travel abroad and this was the perfect opportunity, so she decided to sign up for the trip. 

This upcoming Summer Spanish teacher, Mr. Duskin, will travel with students to Peru and visit destinations like Mathcu Pichu and Lima. Mr. Duskin has taken students on five different trips to places like Europe and South America. So far his favorite trip was in 2017 when he traveled with students to France, Spain, and Italy. “Walking through the Vatican, seeing the beaches of riviera in France, the great sea food in Barcelona, to street parties in little Italian towns, all made it the best trip,”  Duskin said. He is very excited to travel to Peru this Summer and looks forward to making more memories. 

However, if Spanish is not something that interests you, French classes also has similar opportunities. Senior, Caraina Ableman, recounts her time in France over Spring break of 2018. “One of my favorite parts of the trip was stopping at all the cathedrals. The history behind each one and the stain glass windows was just incredible,” Ablemen commented. Ablemen was in French class and in French club so she got involved in the trip though those connections.  

If you are interested in going on a trip with the high school the best advice from Mr. Duskin, French, and Abelemen was“ Just do it”.  French said, “Don’t let money stop you, because there are options to make it affordable and feasible,” Each one of them expressed how life changing the experience was and would recommend it to anyone interested.