Host an Exchange Student

James Piscioneri, Staff Writer

Internationally inclined? Interested in picking up pieces of an exotic language? Always felt you’ve had an insufficient number of siblings?

Then host an Exchange Student! The non-profit AFICE (Academic Foundation for International Cultural Exchange) is looking for hosts in the Arlington area.

Hosting an exchange student is nearly as exciting, fun, and educational as actually being the exchange student. All students participating in this program speak English moderately well, and there is an extensive application process on their end, so they are more than ready and willing to be wrapped up in the American experience. And the American experience isn’t too difficult to show, as the students will be fascinated by the simple things, from our cooking to our football fanaticism.

There is no model for what a host family needs to look like. If you’re interested in hosting you should be able to. The only cost for families will be the general cost of housing another person. That is, food, utilities and such. Everything else will be covered by the student.

Hosting a student allows the world to see what a great spirit we at Arlington have, and also allows international students to add to that great spirit. If you are interested or have more questions visit AFICE’s main hosting page for more information.