A Chance to Visit Cuba


Explaining details of the trip, Mr. Duskin goes over the map of Cuba.

Need something to look forward to for the summer of 2018? Looking for adventures in a distant land, captured in an era long forgotten, unlike anything else in the world? If that sounds like your cup of tea, consider this: advisor Mr. Duskin has planned a trip open to Arlington High School students that explores the nation of Cuba. While the trip requires a passport and a solid price tag, Duskin has a lot to say about the benefits of broadening your horizons. “It’s a great opportunity to see the country before it changes significantly.” said Duskin.

With leadership changes, and foreign affairs being partly restored with Cuba, now is the perfect time to see the nation for the history and insights it has to offer. Although the first informational meeting has already happened, Duskin encourages anyone who’s interested to come to his room and talk with him. It’s still early in planning, so there’s still plenty of time for decisions to be made.

Missi Christoferson, a student interested in the Cuba trip shared her thoughts on what makes this trip appealing to her. “Not a whole lot of people have been able to go to Cuba…(I want) to see a world that has been stuck in a different time era.” When asked if she was afraid to go, she gave a cool “no,” but voiced her concerns about the fragile state of relations, and the new president possibly causing issues, but Duskin was reassuring.