How to Thanksgiving, Eagle Style


Anne Hayman

Pie and whipped cream or ice cream are part of the Thanksgiving menu for most.

After asking the students and staff of Arlington High School what their top 3 Thanksgiving foods were, I got some interesting results. The top three dishes that were recorded were Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, and Stuffing. With Greenbean Casserole and Rolls as runner-ups.

Along with very common, yet delicious answers, I recorded some interesting dishes that some said were their favorite. There was homemade Spicy Shrimp, Duck, and Sweet Potatoes. I have heard that many people love Sweet Potatoes, so I was shocked to hear that not too many have it as one of their favorites.

Of course there were desserts. The classic Pumpkin Pie, Key Lime Pie, and Cherry Pie. Thanksgiving cannot be complete without these delicious treats.

Then there are the least favorites. Brussel Sprouts are a controversial food between parents and children. Parents want their kids to eat these green balls of nutrition, but most kids don’t like the taste. Corn is another one. Corn provides little to no nutritional value and is just not that tasty by itself.

During Thanksgiving it’s hard not to indulge in all the tasty, fatty, unhealthy foods. Well the alternative is Salads, lots of vegetables, and a good balance of meat and dairy. No one is judging though, because we all let loose when it’s time to eat around the holidays.