NFL Scripted?


A Hayman

Lumen Field on Dec 15 before a Seahawks vs 49ers game.

Is the NFL scripted? Is it fake? Do they hire fake refs? All in all, is the NFL rigged? The National Football League has been around for over 100 years, and people old and young have seemed to try and figure out if it is all real or not. In a recent interview with Arian Foster, a former running back for the Miami Dolphins and the Houston Texans said that the NFL is like WWE. ( A fake wrestling business focused on physical drama). “You know what’s going to happen; you just got to put on a show” said Foster.

Foster is not the only one making these claims, as quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars Trevor Lawrence said “They couldn’t have written a better script” after beating the Chargers in a nail biting finish. Or even Cardinals wide receiver Deandre Hopkins making a tik tok of him reading a script in hand. Now all of these could be jokes and teases towards fans knowing that they believe in this type of stuff. But was it scripted back when Otto Graham played? When Jerry Rice won 3 Superbowls? When the Dolphins went undefeated?

People back in this time never talked about scripts, and fake games and what not, so why would the NFL change now? Obviously it could be a money thing or even a popularity issue, but did they have to go to that extreme of cases? The effort, time and ability to do all this would be very impressive to do.

How can you promise that Tom Brady will throw a perfect pass to Rob Gronkowski, you don’t. Or if Ray Lewis going to slip and fall when he needs to sack the QB for the win. We won’t know. To end this all, we are looking at it everything so very wrong. Refs are human. Humans have brains. Brains aren’t perfect. With no perfect brain, that means not everything can be correct which means the they make mistakes.

There has been so much of a shortage of refs because of fans blaming them for losses and evidently claiming the league to be scripted. We are worrying about the wrong things here anyway. There is so much more to be concerned about, like injuries or how screwed up the hall of fame system is. So, you can believe whatever you want, but when it comes to things that need exact perfection how could someone pull it off.