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Jaycob Tanis, Editorial Board

Senior, Jaycob Tanis, is part of the Sports Journalism class at Arlington High School. Jaycob is also a part of the Eagle News Editorial Board at Arlington High School.

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Drunk Driving Among US College Students Still at an Alarming Rate by jpalinsad360

How bad is drunk driving?

January 28, 2022

Some think that even though they only had a few drinks they can drive. But in reality they can’t drive safely. About one third of car crash fatalities are from drunk driving. From 2009-2018 1,602 people...

Pie and whipped cream or ice cream are part of the Thanksgiving menu for most.

How to Thanksgiving, Eagle Style

November 24, 2021

After asking the students and staff of Arlington High School what their top 3 Thanksgiving foods were, I got some interesting results. The top three dishes that were recorded were Turkey, Mashed Potatoes,...

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