French III For Good


Kate Moberly

Morgan Landre ’16, a French III student, presents information at a French club meeting.

Michaela Krogen, Staff Writer and Photographer

Madame Taylor and her French III class are working together to create a better world. The well known assistant to the French department and former teacher Madame Weingarten has brought this assignment to the class. The inspiration comes from a Hebrew phrase that Madame Weingarten found. It is “Tikkun Olam” and translates to “Repair the World.” She is hoping that showing the class the many ways you can make a difference in people’s lives will inspire them to be better in many ways.

The assignment is one that spans over a good chunk of time and takes quite a bit of planning for each member of the class. Each member of the French III class will be creating their own project to make the world around them a little better. The ideas for this are endless, from promoting school events to bring people closer, to gathering a group of people to make packages for the poor, each person in the class is coming up with their own creative idea. Cierra Schaeffer ‘16 is partnering with two other girls in the class to do their project. “We are making care packages for the homeless with things to keep them safe and warm to show them that they are loved,” Schaeffer  said. They will be bringing these packages to Seattle and hand delivering them to homeless people that they run across. Schaeffer said, “it makes us feel like we are giving back to the people who are less fortunate and hoping they will pass on the kindness however they can.”

Be sure to keep a look out around the school in the next few weeks to see if you can spot any of the French students striving to fulfill their goal of repairing the world around them.