Arlington Girls Basketball vs. Burlington Edison

Imani Jackson, Photo Editor

Arlington Girls Basketball played Burlington Edison High School at home on Tuesday, November 27, 2018. This was not only the girls’ first official game of the season, but also Arlington’s first home game.

The end of the first quarter ended with the Arlington Eagles ahead 12-6. Burlington was only able to score two layups and make two free throws. Arlington, however was able to score three layups and two three-pointers for a leading score.

By halftime, Arlington had scored an extra 10 points and Burlington scored an additional 5 points for a score of 22-11.

Arlington continued to stay in the lead through the third quarter with a score of 29-20. Arlington was able to get some shots while Burlington went to the free throw line. Burlington was able to make 5 free throws inching them closer to Arlington.

And by the fourth quarter, the game began to grow closer in score. Burlington not only continued to make free throws but were also getting more shots up and in. Arlington, on the other hand, was struggling to finish and make their free throws.

With Arlington and Burlington in double bonus for fouls, both teams were on edge. At this point, strategy and time management was key. After Arlington went to the line to shoot free throws, Burlington went the other way with the ball with 3.1 seconds left in the game. At the buzzer, Burlington scores a bank shot to win the game.

The final score of the Arlington vs. Burlington game was 38-39.