Core 24 Comes To Arlington High School


S Collins

Arlington High School 9/9/16

With the new school year finally here, let’s talk about credits. Specifically, Core 24. Core 24 is a new graduation requirement  where all students must receive 24 credits throughout their High School career to graduate. The class of 2019 will be the first class required to complete Core 24, whereas their older peers only need 22 credits to graduate.


Though some students worry about this academic change, others feel as though it is an essential part of growing up and taking your learning into your own hands. “ I understand why they would create the system, [core 24] gives us an advantage in getting into college and much better schools,” said Reagan Beaton (‘19)


The Administration is preparing new courses for the program. It may be slow to implementation, but different types of science’s and elective classes are being explored to help students collect the 24 credits needed.


“We are constantly asking ourselves, ‘what kind of classes can we bring on board’,” said Vice Principal Boatman


But what about those kids who fail a class and don’t receive the credits needed? One mistake can impact students’ availability to graduate from High School. There is no wiggle room for students, and they must retrieve credit for the class or there is no graduating for that individual. Those who fail to pass a class must go to summer school and receive the credit(s) they missed in the past in order for them to graduate in the future.


Many students are looking into credit advancement due to the strict, no error graduating requirement. But, it is much harder than made out to be, a fine of $150 dollars and availability is causing a lot of eager students to walk away from that opportunity.


“Administration and I are hoping for a point in time where students will not have to pay for credit advancement,” said Principal Brian Beckley.


Core 24 is a dramatic change in the Arlington High School curriculum, but the new graduation requirement will allow students the access to many more and diverse courses. This change may help students to get accepted into more competitive colleges and thrive in their future.


“We want to continue to create well rounded students from Arlington High School. We want them to have a positive future when coming from our school.” said Vice Principal Boatman.