Drama Sets: Bigger and Better than Ever

    During fall through spring time, drama class is buzzing with animated chatter of the upcoming year of productions to be put on. The new excitement of the plays that are being conducted and created. With the new production of Guys and Dolls in the spring, the class is working away and testing out their new building for set design.

   The new space is a helpful addition onto what the team works on to make things work in what was a smaller area where the sets which were made in previous years. Located near the shop behind the high school, it offers a lot more to the designing and detailing to their shows.

   “There’s more ability to make better sets,” Grace Moberly (’19) said. With more space, more complex parts that are needed are able to be constructed and put to use with less difficulty.

   Coming off the success of Pippin last year with only 50 blocks of space and putting their heads together, this year the drama department can accommodate and offer more to the performances that so many people come to every year to witness be brought to life.

   “We were actually wanting to do Guys and Dolls last year for the musical, but we didn’t have the space to build the set,” Madison Kroeze (’19) said. Then, deciding to switch to Pippin for the less demanding set. “Now that we have our space we can build the big complex sets.”

   It offers an entire new field of opportunity in what’s possible to build and what can be done with the small allotted space. Following a farming industrial times, a larger set capacity offers more creativity to be put into a stage in which projects the story and timeline of Moon Over Buffalo.

   “Working with people to accomplish a common goal and an amazing show is one of the most gratifying things there is,” Kroeze said. The drama department has formed a family around their musicals, plays, and new additions this year. “With our directors creative choices with the show to make it work…we have an example that creativity never fails!”