Eagles Varsity Volleyballs First Win


Varsity Volleyball warming up before their game against the Newport Knights.

On Thursday night September 8, Eagles Varsity Volleyball started off their season against the Newport Knights. The first match began with Mackenzie Massey (‘17) and Madison Burkett (‘17)  blocking hits from the knights getting the Eagles score up to four.


Later on in the match Rylie Rasar (‘17) got two unreturned serves and had the Eagles leading with 13 and the Knights behind at eight points. Then Massey hit the ball with no return with assistance by Ally Peterson’s (‘17) set.


Eagles won the first match with a score of 25-15. The second match had more hits by Rasar and the Eagles at five while the Knights trailed behind at four. Later on Rasar and Hannah Michaels (‘17)  saved  the ball and sent it over while the Knights hit the ball right into the net. The Eagles then were at 12 and Knights at seven.


Peterson set the ball to Burkett and she puts it away getting Eagles to 18 and the Knights still behind with 13.


The Eagles won the second match 25-19. Burkett started the third match with a hit getting the Eagles the first point of the set.  With Eagles at seven and Knights eight, Peterson blocked a potential tip made by the Knights.  


With Eagles fighting for their lead back Peterson and Burkett double teamed the net twice, blocking the Knights hits. Eagles were at nine and Knights 11.


Peterson set up Morgan Vanlaar (‘17) who slammed the ball getting the Eagles only down by one point with 19.Massey saved the ball helping the Eagles tie up with the knights 21-21.


Set three was lost by the Eagles 23-25, causing them to go into a fourth match. Jessica Baker(‘17) served two aces in a row helping the Eagles lead with 11 and the knights only at four. Morgan Vanlaar (’17) hit the ball right into center court getting them 14 and Knights still down at 8.


Jessica Baker (‘17) brought the eagles their win in the fourth set 25-18 against the Newport Knights, bringing home the first victory of the season to Arlington High School.


Coach Whitney Williams was very proud of her girls and she has high hopes for the season. She loves seeing students coming and supporting the team, the cheering in the crows helps the girls play off the energy.


The student section was packed full of eager and supportive fans that night who were looking forward to a successful season.


“I think this is the year to accomplish big things if they’re gonna do it. They got a lot of seniors, they got a lot of experience. And they are a close group, I think they can do it.” said Peyton Brown (‘18)


“Let’s go to state!” said Emily Keefe (‘18)


The team was very energetic and proud of each other as well, however according to their captain Ally Peterson (‘17) they still think that there are improvements to be made.
We are proud of our Varsity Volleyball and look forward to a good season.