Spring Sports and the Weather

Alexia Price, Staff Reporter/Photographer

All this crazy weather we’ve had lately is hard to predict for the future. While it may be hard for a lot of us, it will be especially hard on AHS’s spring athletes. With baseball, softball, track, boys soccer and girls tennis just starting up, it will be hard on them to play up to their fullest potential while they’re cold, wet, or human icicles!

Samrie Feria (‘20) is a member of the girls JV tennis team and doesn’t like it when practice is changed due to the weather. “When it’s raining, the courts get wet so we have to practice in the gym, and the ball doesn’t bounce the same in the gym,” she states. The reason tennis goes inside when it rains, unlike some other outdoor sports, is because it’s a lot more dangerous for the players. They might slip going for the ball and have an injury that end their season, maybe even career.

As far as rescheduling games go, “it’s hard to know when we [they] play. There’s a lot of rescheduling and a lot of last minute changes, like finding out at lunch,” Samrie (‘20) exclaims. “It honestly really does bug me sometimes,” she sadly says.

In sports like soccer, the schedule is much easier because they set it and rarely change it. Soccer players keep going in the rain because they play on turf which doesn’t really have any negative side effects to the players safety. While it may not be fun to play in the pouring rain and raging winds, it’s definitely easier to let friends and family know when games are.

If you are wanting to go support our eagle athletes in a spring sport, just make sure you talk to players and coaches to make sure you’re going to the right game at the right time!