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Conner Enquist, Staff Report/Photographer

Conner Enquist is a student at Arlington High School. Conner Enquist values putting his work first before anything else. He enjoys doing Robotics after school and spending his free time watching YouTube and playing video games. Conner's favorite season is Halloween. Conner enjoys collecting gems.

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Main symbol for the 2017-2018 robotics competion, power-up

The Downs and Ups of Robotics

June 1, 2018

Competition season has rolled in for our recently world-racking robotics team, the Neobots, and they may not have had the greatest start. Our fairly competent season last year has not been followed up...

This is probably the symbol of misery for some of you.

SBAC: The little-big test of champions

February 27, 2018

You know it's happening. Your teachers have been telling you about it for months. Yep, it's the SBAC test. The test of tests. The symphony of required information. The state mandatory period of time were...

Ms.Downys World History class. History is considered a difficult topic for most students.

Difficult classes and though situations

December 5, 2017

It happens to all of us. You can be a straight A student, but you’ll always have that one class you feel stuck on or is really hard to keep up with. So let’s find out what classes most students find...

Cy Green is spending his last few minutes of class time working on some Geometry.

AMPED math classes – not what you think it is.

November 28, 2017

What do you think when you hear the term AMPED math class? Did you think something like a harder math class or along those lines?  AMPED is actually an acronym. It stands for Algebra 1 in Manufacturing...

Cody Barschaw works on a assignment for AP Calculus.

Is AP For You?

November 13, 2017

Do you ever feel like your current classes are too easy for you? Does any of the material seem boring to you? Do you ever get distracted wishing they would move on to harder material? Then AP (Advanced...

Sophomores Chase Miller and Jake Hurst work on their Gothic literature presentation in Ms. Smithsons class.

Studying and you

September 28, 2017

It’s that time once again. Test day is coming up, and you need to study up for your grade, future, and financial stability depend on it. Sometimes it's hard to either focus or remember things clearly....

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