‘Scoping out the Options


Mikelle Kelly

Tyler Ivester ('18) does his best impression of Galileo, intently scanning the commons for bodies of life.

Senior year can be tricky for many reasons: college applications, scholarship pressure, quests for job positions, and, of course, choosing a science class. Fortunately, for many students in the position of selecting a science elective at the end of junior year, Mr. Liles has presented a prime option: a semester of Astronomy.

One major attraction of this course is the “Telescope Unit,” a particularly engaging opportunity for students to experiment with real, hands-on discovery. Students learned how to use different lenses on telescopes to focus in on objects across the commons, yearning to emulate Copernicus or Galileo, but instead of spying out new planets or astronomical bodies, they focus in on our counseling office, or the various students traversing the hallowed halls of Arlington High School.

“It was a fun activity. We learned how to use telescopes — how to focus them, mostly,” said senior Jayke Tronson (’17). He said his reasons for taking the class were mainly “out of curiosity,” demonstrating the versatility of this class. Truly, the class offers opportunity in all shapes and sizes, making it a perfect fit for many up-and-coming science aficionados.

Mr. Liles’ unparalleled enthusiasm for his creation, reciprocated by his inspired pupils, designates for this science class a prosperous future brimming with tantalizing knowledge (not to mention the overly appetizing science credit). So, for all underclassmen, look to Astronomy as a choice option for credit as well as scintillating scientific sweetness!