Senior Year Soaring By


Jasmine Knowles

The senior section cheers on the varsity football team at the first home game of the year

Jasmine Knowles, Reporter/Photographer

Just like that, another section of life is passing by. For seniors, it’s either a good or a bad thing that the last three years have flown by so fast. Many want to escape their familiar walls and travel after high school, others wouldn’t mind building a mother in law suite at their parents’ house, and others are just unsure of the future at this point. Regardless of where you stand at the moment, there is always the common statement regarding senior year. Many footsteps have passed through this schools halls and many have made footprints on the entire school as a whole, but there comes a time to break out of out comfort zones and branch off into this thing called life.

Lilyanna Andrews (‘18) admits, “Senior year has been remotely easy and relaxed! I’m ready to move onto the next chapter in my life which is to go to community college to study criminal justice.”

Nicholas Wayland (‘18) says, “Senior year has been great overall. I wasn’t expecting it to be this easy academic wise and most everyone in our senior class gets along which is very important. After high school I want to become a pilot through Central Washington University and work up to becoming a rescue helicopter pilot.”

Madison Culhane (‘18) exclaims that, “Senior year has been a journey but it has been flying by fast so I’m making sure not to take it for granted. This year has been full of opportunities because I have been breaking out of my comfort zone. I’m excited to graduate because I’m ready to further my education in nursing to become a Neonatal Nurse.”

Senior year is a bittersweet time in the life of a teenager but nevertheless, the peers they have been a part of for years are going to go their separate ways. Regardless of your plans after high school, the next chapter of life will be an upbringing of growth and development.