Ser Pan Comido


Caleb Smith

This is a candid shot of Mr. Duskin, the Spanish teacher. He led the AP Spanish IV class to La Hacienda. His unmitigated excitement is visible here.

James Piscioneri, Staff Writer

“Clayton, Curtis, and I had cheeseburgers, and so Duskin threatened to fail us”.

With no further context, this quote is awfully perplexing. Mr. Duskin’s 6th period Spanish class was treated to an afternoon meal at La Hacienda as their end of semester exam. The above quote was Michael Cartwright’s ‘15 most humorous memory of the day.

Students were expected to maintain Spanish in conversation for the entirety of the visit. Clayton Hunter ‘15 didn’t feel this was too taxing. “I was completely confident. Well, not completely, but confident about possessing the conversational skills”, said Hunter. Demri Toop ‘15 said, “There was a memo that we had to order in Spanish, but as they came around to me I just spoke in English, so…”. The only time Cartwright was linguistically lost was in the ordering process, saying, “Apparently the waitress asked if I wanted lettuce with my cheeseburger. I just said yes to everything and only processed what she said afterwards.”

Despite it being the class’s final, the atmosphere was more festive and lighthearted than stringent. “I got brought a birthday dessert. Technically it was the day after”, said Hunter with a smile. “It seemed like something Duskin would do, so I was like ‘cool’” said Cartwright.

These gastronomic adventures are a creative way to examine students skills. Regarding whether this will recur as the second semester final, Toop said “I’m not sure, but I hope so.”